WiFi Tally Lights for vMix Software

Build your own WiFi Tally Lights for vMi, easy and simple to use with cheap materials. You can use Nodemcu or Wemos module. I preffer using nodemcu because im using it on tutorial video.


Download the sketch as usually, open with Arduino IDE.

Install the Boards following the tutorial i gave on the video, the esp8266 boards link:


After install, choose the board you want, in this case “Nodemcu ver 0.1″(esp12e).

Select “Erase Flash:All Flash Contents”, select the right COM port, then Upload the sketches.


After finish, using your smart phone, scan wifi around you and select “vMix_Tally_lights_255” or depend on your SSID Tally you modified earlier. Enter the password. Now open your smartphone browser and input the ip address of your tally web menu. Enter all credentials such as Your Router SSID, Password and vMix IP Address without port number (check it first on settings – web controller) .

If you set it up correctly, your tally now should works. See the video for more detail instructions.


Download Sketches WiFi Tally Lights for vMix


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