vMix Wireless Tally Lights using NRF24L01

vMix Wireless Tally Light Tutorial based on nRF24L01 Module


The main problem is many nrf modules with antenna doesnt work properly, I suggest you to using regular NRF24L01 module without antenna version!




There is 2 boards on transmitter, this is the “Fast & Dirty way” to do the wireless tally system. The upside is, you can use this “Transmitter” (Right Board) to control other Tally switcher like Datavideo, Sony mcx, Panasonic, Devicewell/avMatrix, and others switchers that using GPIO Port!

The First Board (on the left) is Tally lights board for vMix, Upload the sketches using “SimpleDigitalFirmata” From Firmata example on arduino. The Right board is the main transmitter board


This is the layout images how the tally works.

Im using arduino Nano because it small and have 3.3v pin to power the NRF24

Download (no password):

Wireless Tally NRF24
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