vmix controller 8 Cameras & Tally Lights DIY

Build your own vMix Controller 8 Input camera / videos, based on Arduino Pro Micro/Leonardo.

And Tally Lights 8 Camera using Arduino NANO / UNO.

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8 input Preview Buttons
8 Active Buttons
1 Effect Transition Buttons
8 Input Volume Pot/Fader
8 Preview Tally Lights
8 Active Tally Lights
1 Master Volume
T-Bar Fader

The controller : Arduino Leonardo / Pro micro (Native USB)
Tally : Arduino NANO / UNO
5 Project Boards
1 Multiplexer 16 Channel
17 Tact Buttons
10 Pots/Faders
16 Resistors
8 Green LEDs
8 Red LEDs
Jumper wires (Lots of)

I build it on Project Board. The code is more advanced, but still you can modified.

Code (Include the library link & Schematics) :

Button, Volume & T-Bar Layout :

Breadboard Wiring :


Tally Lights Wiring :

DOWNLOAD – vMix Controller 8 Input

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  1. Hi,

    first for all i like your video can you tell me how much cost on this project can i tell me how much cost?

    1. $5 for arduino pro micro
      $3 for arduino nano (Tally lights)
      $4 multiplexer 16 ch 4067
      10$ for buttons
      8$ for potentiometer
      $4 for the leds, resistors & cables
      $12 for the box (optional)

      1. Thanks you can write what kind of potentiometer for the volume you used and for the T bar if it costs me.
        I’d like to find an online site where I could find all this material without problem.
        Thank you

    1. Its long time since my last posts. I wil updated this post in the futures with the link to the sketvches on github. Stay tuned

  2. Thank you for teaching us this way, but I diy “vMix Controller 8 Input”,The computer equipment manager displays a malfunction of the equipment. Displayed as “ VicksMediaTech ” , It looks like there’s no driver.How to Solve the Problem?

    1. hi if you managed to make the controller for vmix i would like to do it too you could tell me where you bought all the elements and if you can send me some links

  3. Dear VQey!

    Could i download the original vMix_Controller_17_button_10_fader.ino file somewhere instead of HEX?


  4. can you share the code to me?i can’t upload hex files with any tool,my email :492873421@qq.com thank you.

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